Taking a Pilgrimage to Tibet: The New Holiday Hotspot


There is no other place on this planet where you can find such an intoxicating blend of humming spirituality, fascinating art works and raw natural beauty other than Tibet. This is a place where every destination is a holy site and every path a pilgrimage. Whether you are headed to conquer Mount Everest “The Holy Mother” or just to explore the chapels in Lhasa city, you will be met by intriguing spirituality.

Though Tibet has had a rough patch which led to the physical destruction during the Cultural Revolution, it has still managed to retain her most glorious cultural jewels. Here are some of the places not to miss on a pilgrimage to Tibet.


It is a magnificent structure that represents the spiritual heart of Tibet and enjoys a long history since the 7th century. While here you can enjoy stepping back in time and explore ancient art and Buddhist paintings. The temple is surrounded by the Barkhor Square which is normally crowded by people from all walks of life both foreigners and locals; it is also surrounded by a prayer path. You will find Tibetans prostrating at the entrance of the temple in honor of Buddha and crowding the quaint chapels. It is a place with an intoxicating spirituality from humming and chanting to clouds of incense and the most precious statue in Tibet the Jowo Rinpoche which artistically depicts the image of Buddha Shakyamuni at age 12. A must see on Tibet holidays.


The Drepung Monastery was built in the 15th century and is considered as one of the greatest monasteries in the world. It boasts of being home to several Dalai Lamas before the building of the Potala Palace. It housed 10 000 monks before but in the present times it houses about 500 strictly monitored monks. It is one of the least damaged of Lhasa’s great monasteries and still retains some of its ancient charm. It is sprawled over a hillside and offers a fascinating experience of ancient living spirituality. As you walk through the narrow paths between chapels full of precious statues and as you gaze at the three storeys high statue of Jampa a future Buddha displayed at age 12 you will have an insight of what it must have been like in the gone era.


Take a pilgrimage trip to the sacred jewel of snow well known as Mount Kailash. It is sacred to Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bon Faith whom all take a pilgrimage circumambulation of the holy site around Kora. It is considered as holy as it is the mother of the four of great Asian rivers and is a place of jaw dropping natural unspoilt beauty that could only be the habitat of the gods. To take part in the pilgrimage of Kora you must be physically fit as it involves trekking high up the snowy Mount Kailash. The trek is about 52 kilometers long and climbing over 5600m above sea level. It is a wonderful pilgrimage experience in Tibet.

Taking a Pilgrimage to Tibet The New Holiday Hotspot

4 Unexpected Countries to be an Expat


Costa Rica is a great destination that seems to arouse the curiosity of many expats seeking to relax in fine weather, enjoy its natural beauty, interact with the local friendly people and receive affordable medical services. When one is seeking for a place to call home away from home, one must consider the safety of the place and the political stability. Costa Rica has had a stable democracy for years which makes it feel safe to live there. The cost of living is relatively affordable and the tap water is regular and drinkable. Phone and internet connections are found in most places while taxis and bus services are reliable. Those who chose to live here will enjoy the diversity of the topography and wildlife.


Montenegro is a country that is witnessing a lot of developments at the moment since its independence in 2006. It is a place of impeccable beauty and surrounded by mighty mountains, boasts of a spectacular coastline and picturesque ancient towns that ooze history despite its infancy stages as a nation. The Montegrin are a friendly bunch of people who are welcoming to visitors hence contributing among other factors one of the best unexpected countries to be an expat. The government has favorable laws that allow visitors to buy and develop property in a straight forward process so real estate in Montenegro is an attractive property. This has attracted a lot of attention from investors who have already begun developing this country to become a touristic hot spot.


Ecuador is an ideal location for an expat seeking affordable cost of living as well as reasonable health services and infrastructure. It is considered to be the most cost effective place in the northern hemisphere giving you real value for your dollar. Both local and foreign residents over 65 get a 50% off sporting and cultural events, electric and water bills and also airfare making it an ideal location for retirees. Though not as Americanized with most traditions and cultures still upheld, cell phones and Wi-Fi access are still available. The landscape is varied from snowcapped mountain peaks to rainforests and beaches. You can choose to live in condos in the outskirts of the cities or in a cottage along the coastline or retire in the interior where cost of living is cheaper.


Panama is considered as one of the most advanced economically and structurally across Central America:  it is safe, has a stable government, has a low cost of living, boasts of an advanced and thriving capital city and has some of the most spectacular scenes in the region. In Panama the pace of life is more laid back and serene making it ideal for expats seeking retirement in holiday like environment. The phone services, internet connections and well developed infrastructure also seem to attract foreigners who want to enjoy a slower pace of life with modern facilities and services within reach and affordable. The currency used is the dollar and English is prominently spoken making it easier to blend with the locals.

4 Unexpected Countries to be an Expat

3 Top Destinations for an African Safari


Tanzania is in East Africa and is home to the world’s most spectacular wildlife, it is renowned for its Serengeti National Reserve where herds of Wildebeest migrate in a high paced motion creating one of the greatest natural spectacle considered as a Wonder of the World. The snowy Mt Kilimanjaro is also found in Tanzania.

It is not only home to the Big Five but also hosts over 500 bird species which makes it an ideal destination for bird watchers. The Ruaha National Park is a bird watchers paradise where you can make proper use of your binoculars as you spot the lilac breasted rollers and the glossy starlings. The meandering Ruaha River gives you an opportunity to watch on the Egyptian geese crossing the river while occasionally baring their feathery bottoms as they make a catch. In Ruaha you are not limited to the feathery friends but also welcome to watch the growing number of elephants, the wild African dogs and rhinos.


Botswana is a stunning safari destination with a lot to offer any safari enthusiast. The Okavango reserve is characterized by wetlands, jungles and rivers that provide a spectacular habitat for some of the best wildlife in the world. Aside from the big five, birds and other animals the Lechwe antelopes are largely populated here than in any other part of the world.

These types of antelopes thrive in marshy areas and they could never have found a better place than in Okavango, it is a place of astounding scenic beauty. You can enjoy watching the animals’ drinking water or feeding on the leafy vegetation found here. The animals have a water resistant substance on their legs that helps them survive the wet conditions in this gorgeous region. The Okavango delta located in this region adds to the natural beauty of this park. You can explore the region by jumping into a local boat (mokoro) and let nature take over with its sounds and smells.


Kenya is a fine destination for an exceptional safari holiday. It boasts of numerous reserves and sanctuaries that are home to stunning wildlife. If you want to stay in the city and still enjoy wildlife, the Nairobi National Park is within the outskirts of the City which means you can spend a day spotting zebras, giraffes and antelopes in the jungle and head back to the city for a taste of the vibrant nightlife. Lake Nakuru National Park is also within the outskirts of the pleasant agricultural city and offers you an opportunity to watch the pink flamingoes on the lake, lions and monkeys and yet get back to the city for a night out. Diani Beach is also an ideal location for an unforgettable bird watching safari as you enjoy the powdery white sands.

In Kenya the options of enjoying wildlife are numerous and unbeatable, whether you want to delve deep into the jungle of Masai Mara or stay in major cities and better still enjoy some coastal fun while on your safari holiday, you will be spoilt for choices.

3 Top Destinations for an African Safari

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is as important as the flight receipt itself; the same way you cannot travel without paying for a flight is the same way travel insurance applies. Everyone hopes for a smooth holiday but sometimes the unexpected happens which is why you should always be on the safe side incase the worst happens. Here are some tips to make the most of your worldwide holiday insurance.

1. Buy Directly From the Insurer or Airline

To get the best deals do not use middle man but contact the insurer or the Airline directly which will result in lower costs.

2. Work out the excesses

This is the amount that you the policy holder towards any claim, for example if you make a claim of 700 pounds and the excess are 200 pounds the insurer pays you 500 pounds. This means that if you set the excess high the policy would be cheaper but not worth having.

3. Establish the type of cover you need before comparing sites

If you have to take items such as iPods on your trip, a 10 pound cheap one week cover may end up useless when the excesses you have to pay do not cough up. Make sure that medical cover is included, cancellations and luggage.

4. Check out what is covered in your home insurance policy

You may be shocked that some personal items may be covered while away from home by your already existing home policy and you have to exclude them from your travel insurance.

5. If You Travel Often Take The Annual Cover

If you travel three or more times a year, then it is cost effective if you purchase the annual policy rather than purchasing one for each single trip.

6. Check For Age Limit and other Exclusions

Most cheap insurers will have age limitations for persons aged above sixty five and most standard policies will not cover pre-existing medical conditions. So be aware and be honest with your insurer, in this way you may find an insurer who is willing to cover your condition.

7. Make Use of EHIC Card

If you are travelling in Europe then get the EHIC card which gives you access to state provided healthcare at a reduced cost or even for free. Some insurers will also waive the excesses on health claims if you travel using the EHIC card.

8. Be Aware of the ‘Risky Activities’

Some activities may be excluded on your policy with the excuse of them being ‘too risky’. Whatever sports you may engage in on your holiday; make sure the policy offers a comprehensive cover of the same.

9. Some Parts of the World are Parts of others

If you are travelling to most parts of North Africa, you may not need to purchase a worldwide cover as they are considered as parts of Europe by most deals.

10. Opt for scheduled airline failure cover

If you travel independently this type of cover ensures that you do not end up losing incase flights and hotels cancel after you have booked your holiday.

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Travel Insurance

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Holiday in Greece

The Greek islands will always entertain, thrill and charm you to levels you have never imagined possible. With diversity in landscapes, culture, alternative activities and gastronomy and wine, to name just but a few of the things that make Greece one of the top holiday destinations. With all these and much more, it can be confusing on how to make the most of your holiday. Why not try these three on your holidays in Greece and see how it turns out!


If you have been to Greece before you might think you have seen it all but you might be shocked to find a spot you never knew existed in Greece. There are plenty of unspoilt places in Greece, just be keen and discover. One such rather deserted place is the lonely strand of Yialos on the island of Lefkada on the western coast of the Ionian archipelagos. The coastline is lined up with cliffs where the milky turquoise waters crash on repeatedly with almost no one in sight. There are just countable shacks where you may find something to eat as you explore the area. If you are looking for sites away from crowds, then the quaint village of Dimitsana in Arcadia is an ideal location to experience culture and beautiful churches.


Greece is made up of islands which are spectacular and each unique and different from the previous. It is therefore unrealistic to just land in one island and proclaim that you have been to Greece. Start with the most popular such as the very vibrant Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, compare the diversity, laze on the sun bleached beaches and party like hell broke loose. Take in the smells, visit the ancient temples and museums, not forgetting to taste the popular authentic Greek salad. Take on another route and visit the lesser visited islands, enjoy the peace and tranquility in the Island of Hydras where nudity is not an option and motor vehicles are prohibited. Most of the islands streets are too narrow so make use of your feet to make the most of your trip as you explore.


Athens is among the oldest cities in the world and is the capital of Greece. As you stroll around this magnificent city you will be amazed by the rich history that is synonymous with the city. Admire the Acropolis which is its signature sites, visit the archeological museums and be awed by the numerous artifacts some as ancient as the beginning of the world, walk through the entire old city Plaka and be amazed by the panorama of the Byzantine churches. As you explore the city you will feel like you stepped into a time machine and travelled way back thousands of centuries ago. It has a rich history spanning more than 3400 years ago, it is no wonder the architecture reflects of days gone well blended with modern structures that still remind you that you are still in the twenty first century.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Holiday in Greece

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